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  • Our mission is to provide cost-effective legal representation to individuals and businesses, maintaining a level of personal service focused upon managing and resolving legal matters with care, respect and efficiency. 

  • Our clients are of the upmost importance, and their legal matters our central and primary focus. Any information they share during the course of representation is totally and completely confidential. 

  • Our job is identifying and mitigating the dangers our clients face against the opportunities they're presented as we work together to resolve their case. 


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A Strategic Approach

Customized Solutions

There are many avenues available in handling a legal matter. Every case is unique, demanding a thoughtful yet creative analysis, coupled with the careful application of select legal strategies and techniques. Our goal with every matter is developing a customized course of action designed to best protect your interests, mitigate your risks, and resolve your case in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most legal matters are resolved without the need for trial. Through application of the fundamentals of negotiation, arbitration and mediation, the key to resolving any type of dispute is thorough risk analysis, preparation and appropriate application of leverage.


When alternative dispute resolution methods don't accomplish your goals, a trial may be necessary. Planning for trial early, and not after negotiations fail, is crucial. Success at trial requires strategy and preparation, uncovering facts that drive a persuasive narrative, preserving crucial documents, identifying and preparing witnesses, and employing experts to support your case. Courtroom experience, including a command of procedural and evidentiary rules, is key to mitigating the risks of trial.


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